Supervisor on Graduate Student’s Thesis



-         Study about rate of adenovirus infection in acute diarrhea children in Baharloo Hospital and Pediatrics Medical Center in Tehran, Majid Ghanavat, specialty of pediatrics, 2004.

-         Survey frequency rate of Adenovirus in respiratory infections in children 0 to 14 years of age Bahrami Hospital.

-         Marziieh Poor daraii, specialty of Pediatrics, 2002.

-         Survey of viral agents causing of ocular infections in children and adults. Mersedeh Mirzaii. M.Sc. in Microbiology, 2000.

-         A rate of susceptibility & resistance of antibiotics in urinary Infection due to gram-negative bacteria in children. Hooshang Fallah-Shirvani. Pharmacy Doctorate, 1998.

-         Determination of bacterial agents of asymptomatic bacteruria in IDDM & NIDDM patients. Hamidreza Iravani-Naiini, Medicine Laboratory Doctorate, 1996.

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